Real Chick Speak

Because Real Women Make Noise!

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.real chick ['rE(-&)l 'chik] proper noun
1. an adult female person who actively pursues self-actualization and exists as a complete whole outside of validation or defined union.

.realchickspeak verb
1. to articulate your personhood without concern of consequence
also noun
1. a supportive community for woman seeking to grow, share, dream, and fully exist.

Chances are you know who you are and why you're here. Sure, you have family and friends, perhaps even lovers and admirers. But do you have any peers? Do you have like-minded supporters who believe in you, your vision, and your dreams? Do you tire of denying who you are and who you want to be?

Then you have found your kind. Here, Real Chicks as defined above, get real and keep it real. Real passion, real honesty, real dreams, real support, real sisterhood.

Come on in. We've been waiting for you...