Hashbrowns and coffee (denim_queen) wrote in realchickspeak,
Hashbrowns and coffee

Info post

Lately I've been having problems getting info regarding the Duke Rape case. Basically I just want to know what'sgoing on and if anyone in the community is going to do anything about that. I've been trying to get in contact with the NAACP for a couple of days know and haveing no luck.

So what's a girl to do?

She calls her mother.

And after explaining to mom about my situation, she immediatly started giving me contact info for various chapters of the SCLC or as she likes to call them, "The Real Deal."

So if anybody's interested the information is here:

NC State Chapter
Bennie Rountree
602 Bonners Lane
Greenville, NC 27834
Office: 252-758-6733/Fax: 252-758-1397

NC Affliates
Faith Liberation Community Christian Church
Dr. Charles E. Reese
5736 N. Tryon Street, Suite 221 A
Charlotte, NC 28213

Pitt COunty Chapter
Dennis Mitchell
1032 Fleming St.
Greenville, NC 27834

Rev. Alvin Daniel
602 Bonners Lane
Greenville, NC 27834
Office: 252-758-6733

Rufus Huggin

Now I don't know how accurate these numbers are since I haven't call any of them yet, but I figured I'll put the information aout there. I figure, I can't be the only one out there who wants info but don't knwo where to look.
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