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Learning from Mistakes of the Past?

I read this post in a friend's journal, and I thought it might be a really interesting discussion for us to have, about mistakes we've made in the past, and how well we have (or in some cases, have not) learned from them. I know I'm still learning; however, I'd like to think I've come pretty far from 21. Yet and still there are those days where I have to wonder...

Posted here with permission from coachlover...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!!!:


According to msroxy2 I'm attracted to arrogant ass men. That's probably why I listen to Steve Harvey so much. Besides P. Diddy and Donald Trump, I think Steve is in the top 5 of arrogant men on this earth. I'm so addicted to his morning show.

For those of you who don't listen to his show, he has a segment on there called the Strawberry Letter. He reads a letter from someone who's asking for advice. I must say, the one today was a doozy.

A 21 year old woman writes in that she's dating a 30 year old man, for 6 months and she's having problems with him. The problems are this:

1) He said he didn't have kids but she found out the next day when he was talking to his baby's mother

2) She found out by his mom that he has a new girlfriend. When asked about it, he says that it's just a friend that he sometimes sleeps with in her bed, but they don't have sex.

3) He was heard on the phone making a date with his baby's mom.

4) The sex isn't that good.

5) They don't go out on dates. The only thing he bought her was a $.25 pack of gum and she put in $.15 of that.

Now she was asking for advice to see if Steve had any insight on why she can't leave this man alone. She says despite the negatives, she's happy with him and can't let him go.

Now if you don't know Steve, I'm going to tell you. He's very country...and proud of it. He's ghetto....and proud of it. He also has a knack of telling the truth...but being brutal with it. He says "if you're grown enough to ask for advice, you are grown enough to hear how I'm going to say it".

His response basically in my own words was this:

You are only 21 years old. You have your life ahead of you. Why stay with a man that can't do nothing for you but sleep with you and actually he can't even do that if the sex isn't good? He is lying to you...and you know it. Why are you in denial? The pain will increase, the longer you stay with him. Change your number, don't take his calls, don't see him...just move on.

I heard what he was saying loud and clear but the only thing I kept thinking about was....that she's 21. How many of us were dumb and in love at 21? I know I was...and I've made some stupid mistakes that were definitely lessons.

I would hope that this young lady will keep all of her "mistakes" in her 20's and learn from them in her 30's.
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