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Destroy & Rebuild

Hey, Ladies...long time since I've posted...but then again, it's been a long time since anybody posted regularly, right?! :o)

Anyways, had a question I wanted to pose for discussion...if you could pick anything any your life, that if given the chance you'd completely destroy and start over again in its development, what would it be?

The second part of that question...if it is indeed something that can be destroyed and rebuilt, why aren't you doing it?

With me the biggest thing is my apartment. I haven't established any real order in there in...well, let's just say I'd never invite any of y'all there if I wanted you to think I was sane. LOL If I could, I would completely take everything out of my apartment, down to the walls and floor, and start all over with how I'd establish it--furniture, cleaning schedules (which is related to another thing I'd like to destroy and rebuild, my weekly schedule), clothes--EVERYTHING. I actually plan to do some form of that at the end of my lease this year, when I move in with my sister. I'm only going to take what I want to actually put in the new place, set it up there exactly how I intend to have it, and then throw out everything left in the apartment--photoalbums, picture frames, clothes--WHATEVER DOES NOT ALREADY HAVE A HOME IN THE NEW PLACE IS BEING TOSSED.

Okay, so that's about you?

In a cleansing frenzy,
EbG9 :o)
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