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Madea Grosses $30M in Opening Weekend

Congrats to Tyler Perry! I love seeing Black people making strides and doing a damn thing. . . but (and ya'll knew this was coming) at what expense? Now don't get me wrong I supported one of his plays and while I did not see it in the movies I did rent Diary of a Mad Black Woman but it kills me the way films in certain genre's are way more popular and seems to resonate with my people more than others. Case in point, somehow, some way Big Mommas House 2 was the number 1 film in the country it's opening weekend yet Something New has barely made $12M after being out for weeks. Why is that? Yeah, yeah I know that films such as The Best Man and Brown Sugar performed well but for every one of those films you have a "Cook Out" and "Soul Plane" that does outstanding in the theaters. Is it because deep down inside those are the films we like, the type of films that the studios need to keep producing? Am I in the minority, one of the few people who prefer to see quality, touching, real-life (or similar), uplifting films versus modern day buffoonery? Not that Madea is buffoonery. While I believe Madea does carry on certain sterotypes its far superior than Soul Plane. I don't know what do you think?
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